Hygiene Tips

Hygiene tips in everyday language.

Animal Hygiene Basics


Owning and playing with pets is a rewarding and sometimes even educational pastime for young and old alike. However many people are not aware of the numerous health hazards that household pets pose -both to their owners and themselves- when not handled with consideration to proper hygiene standards.

Animals naturally carry germs and are hosts to parasites which can be easily passed to us.  These pathogens and parasitic organisms are usually spread through animal feces and on some occasions even simple contact is enough for some parasites to be passed on.

Animals in the wild pose little risk to our health because people have little contact with them. However, when it comes to animals we live with, our pets, we have to be careful and adhere to good hygiene practices so we can stay clean and safe from any animal pathogen or parasite.

Ensuring that your pet is healthy is the first step to maintain good animal hygiene. Careful washing your hands after coming into contact with the pet or its “stuff” will ensure that germs and parasites the pet might be carrying will not be spread to you and through you. Finally, make sure that litter trays, pet carriers and other pet-related items are kept away from your dining area and kitchen.

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