Hygiene Tips

Hygiene tips in everyday language.

Washing, Bathing and Showering


Bathing and washing one’s body is one of the most important things we can do ourselves for maintaining good health and protecting ourselves from many infections and diseases as well as keeping any unpleasant odors away. Along with all the health benefits, maintaining a clean body has numerous social and emotional benefits as well.


How frequently should we wash our bodies?

This is a hotly debated issue among dermatologists and healthcare professionals. Most experts agree that soap and other cleaning products should not be used on your body more than once a day to avoid irritating the skin or unbalancing its natural pH. It is generally considered safe to bathe in warm water without using any cleaning products more than once a day.


Bathing vs. Showering

Although the choice between bathing and showering depends mostly on personal preference there are some key differences between the two.

Healthcare specialists generally agree that showering is more efficient that bathing when it comes to removing dirt from our bodies. Moreover a typical shower takes less time than the average bath and during that time less water is used too.

On the other hand, bathing is more relaxing for our muscles and allows us to inspect our bodies from up close for moles, skin irritations, swells or any health issues that might be of concern.


After a Shower or Bath

After a shower or bath we must make sure that we use our own dry towel to dry ourselves. The importance of using dry, clean, personal towels cannot be overstated for personal hygiene. Bacteria will multiply on a wet towel and infections can be spread rapidly if many people use the same towel.

If sponges, massage devices or other “extras” were used while bathing we must make sure they are cleaned and dried properly so they are safe to be used the next time. Bathing sponges specifically should be changed frequently as residual dirt accumulates inside them and bacteria will eventually grow in it.

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