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Hair Removal (shaving, waxing electrolysis etc) and Hygiene


Hair removal, also known as depilation, is the easiest and most effective way of eliminating hair lice and reducing body odors. Apart from the obvious hygiene benefits hair removal is also considered a “must” for acceptable aesthetics in the western world.

In today’s world, men and women alike chose to have their hair removed from many areas of their body. The most common areas to have hair removed are the legs, the underarms, the face as well as the back. Many people chose to remove almost all body hair from them.

Let’s see what kinds of methods are available for hair removal today.



Shaving has been practiced since the copper age, 5000 years ago, arguably making it the oldest hair removal technique mankind ever invented.

Shaving is cheap and easy, requiring only basic equipment, and can be performed on oneself without any external aid and in the comfort of one’s home.

Shaving is best done in front of a mirror and in the bath. Soap and water are typically used along with a sharp and clean razor for shaving. Many people use products such as shaving foams and creams as well as hair conditioners to make shaving easier.

Shaving in the same direction or against the “grain” of the hair makes little difference to the final result of shaving. It is important to rinse the skin after it has been shaved, dry it and finally moisturize it to avoid skin irritations.

Apart from skin irritations, the only other downside of shaving is the risk of carelessly cutting oneself with the razor while shaving.


Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing is the removal of hair by applying wax onto the skin that is to be depilated and then pulling it out along with the hair. Waxing is cheap and can also be done at home. The main downside of waxing is that some amount of pain is inflicted when the hair are removed in that way.

Although many people find the pain of waxing unbearable others have no problem removing their hair by waxing.

Waxing leaves the skin smooth and hair-free for up to three weeks until new hair starts growing again.

Sugaring is similar to waxing but a different agent is used. Sugaring is considered to be less painful than traditional waxing. The only downside to sugaring is that on rare cases some people exhibit sensitivity or even allergy to some sugaring products.

When sugaring or using spreadable wax, make sure you do not overheat the agent or else you might risk burning yourself.


Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams are creams that weaken the hair follicle resulting in the hair falling off after the cream has been applied. Hair removal with depilatory creams is completely painless although on some people may cause skin irritation. Apart from any sensitivity depilatory creams might rarely cause, their other downside is that they usually have a strong odor that might persist for hours even after the depilated area has been washed.


Electrolysis and Laser Treatment Hair Removal

Hair removal with electrolysis or laser treatment is permanent. These procedures focus on destroying the hair follicles, thus preventing them from growing more hair. With electrolysis an electric current is passed into the hair follicle while a controlled laser beam is used to destroy the follicle with Laser treatment hair removal.

Both electrolysis and laser treatment hair removal procedures are rather expensive and can be dangerous if performed by an unskilled therapist.

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