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Oral Hygiene Basics

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Oral hygiene and maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth is all about prevention and small everyday habits.

Regular visits to the dentist mean that any oral conditions will be diagnosed and treated early thus preventing deterioration. As in all healthcare cases, prevention is better than treatment.

You just have to make sure you habitually maintain good oral hygiene practices in your everyday life. That way you will avoid many oral problems such as dental cavities, oral pain and expensive treatments for oral conditions while you will gain a boost in confidence by sporting a sparkling smile.



Some foods are more damaging to the teeth than others and you should aim to brush your teeth shortly after consuming them. Sugary carbohydrates hasten tooth decay while foods and drinks with dark-coloring substances such as coffee and red wine can cause teeth to become discolored.

Smoking is another major factor for discolored teeth. Moreover, smoking can cause various other mouth-related problems such as gum infection and tongue inflammation.


Teeth Brushing, Flossing and mouthwash

People should brush and floss their teeth regularly and at least on a daily basis. It is recommended to brush after every meal and at the start and end of each day while flossing should be done twice a day.

Mouthwash products can also be used to enhance oral hygiene. Some mouthwashes are antiseptic while most mouthwash products help to prevent tooth decay and bacterial plaque.

Excessive force should not be used while brushing the teeth since it will make brushing less effective and might also cause gum injuries. Toothpaste must never be swallowed, an important truth that must be taught to children from a young age along with the proper oral hygiene techniques. Oral prevention at an early age will be reflected throughout their adult life.


Poor Oral Hygiene

Many health problems can develop as a consequence of poor oral hygiene. The most common oral problems are gum diseases, halitosis (bad breath) and of course tooth decay. Bar oral hygiene can drastically affect our social lives and our confidence. People are immediately put off by bad breath or any other obvious signs of neglecting oral hygiene.

Want to know more about poor oral hygiene and the most common oral problems? Why not read our article ā€œThe Consequences of Poor Oral Hygieneā€.
Remember that oral hygiene is important for health, social and psychological reasons and should not be neglected if we want to enjoy a healthy mouth with all its teeth intact for many years.

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