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Pet Health and Cleanliness Measures


A healthy pet is a happy pet and taking care of any pet to make sure it stays healthy should be a serious responsibility for all pet owners.

The needs of pets vary across the different kinds and species but some things apply to any pet, be it cat, dog, bird or something more exotic.

First and foremost, every pet must stay healthy and free of germs and parasites. This is most important not only for the pet’s wellbeing but to also ensure the owner’s and other humans’ good health, since a diseased pet can infect humans too.

Washing and grooming a pet (if its species allows it) not only keeps the pet clean and hygienic but also allows us to spot any physical problems or other underlying medical conditions as they develop and therefore prevent diseases and health problems early on.

All pets need a balanced diet to fulfill their nutritional needs in order to stay healthy. The pet’s diet must be rich in energy as well as proteins and it is generally better to buy specially prepared animal feeds instead of preparing our pet’s food ourselves. A poor diet will make a pet ill and weaken its immune system.

Many pets need regular exercise. This is true for dogs of all sizes as well as most other mammalian pets.

Pets should undergo regular health checks to ensure they stay in good physical state and healthy. Pets should be taught to accept things like baths, health checks, routine treatments and other procedures vital for their health so they are more cooperative not only with the owners but with veterinary experts too. Moreover, some mammalian pets and especially dogs should be regularly examined for periodontal diseases and problems in their mouths. Pet oral hygiene can dramatically increase the lifespan of dogs, horses and other animals.

Vaccinating your pets and having regular check-ups done should not be neglected if you want them to live long, healthy lives.


Remember that prevention is always preferable to treatment (and also cheaper!) It is easy to keep your pets clean and healthy and this will lead to a better quality of life for both you and your pets.

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