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Hair loss and how Hygiene can make a difference


Hair loss (alopecia) more commonly affects adult men but to some extent, hair loss can affect both men and women of all ages. Obviously, it is normal to lose some hair on a regular basis and this is both natural and desirable, as it helps renew your hair. Good personal hygiene can help to keep your hair more healthy and limit hair loss too.


Genetic Predisposition

A major cause for hair loss is genetic predisposition, which is more prominent to men and causes male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia. Sadly there is little to be done for hair loss due to genetic reasons by means of good hygiene. However, it is good to know that different types of hair have different needs and require different kind of attention.

The good news is that most other types of hair loss can be dramatically affected by maintaining good hygiene practices so let’s see about them.



Sebum is the oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands within the hair follicles. Sebum in correct amounts is both desirable and beneficial as it keeps the hair healthy and allows it to grow strong by protecting it and keeping it lubricated as it grows out of the follicle.

On certain occasions and especially when the body experiences hormonal imbalances (most commonly during pregnancy and puberty) sebum is produced in excess quantities and may cause problems that could lead to partial hair loss. Regular washing (but not over washing as we will see in the next chapter) is recommended to maintain a healthy amount of sebum on your scalp.


Over Washing your Hair

Over washing the hair is one of the prominent causes that increase hair loss. While the hair is washed, many healthy hairs fall out due to the stress applied to them. However, during hair washing the scalp is stimulated and dead and weakened hairs fall out, encouraging hair growth. The truth is that most of the times over washing affects hair loss more than washing too little.


Hair Styling

The kind of styling you chose for your hair directly affects the time they will stay on your head. Some hair styles are more stressful to the hair than others. Specifically curling or straightening the hair is particularly stressful to the hair follicles as well as the hairs themselves.

Frequent drying, coloring, straightening, combing and use of certain hair products and tools can directly affect your hair’s health. Hair conditioners are usually helpful to maintain proper hair hygiene, especially for people with dry or over styled hair.


So, keeping your hair clean and in healthy condition will encourage hair growth. Remember that over washing can be harmful as well as the excessive use of hair products and too much styling.

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