Hygiene Tips

Hygiene tips in everyday language.

The Different Aspects of Hygiene


What is hygiene in general?

Hygiene in general can be described as a set of principles that aim to promote and preserve health and healthy living at a personal as well as a societal level.

Simply put, hygiene is all about keeping people, animals, items and places clean and healthy.


The main aspects of Hygiene are broken down and explained below:


Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is the principle of maintaining a clean body along with practices of personal care and grooming oneself.

There are lots of different topics and aspects of Personal Hygiene and you check more info about Personal Hygiene in our “What is Personal Hygiene?” article.


Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene is of great importance for everyone’s health and a lot of responsibility around food hygiene falls on people who cook food for others. One must know both how to maintain a clean kitchen as well as telling fresh food from food that has gone bad and might pose health risks.

You can start learning more about Food Hygiene in our Food Hygiene Basics article.


Animal Hygiene

Owning and playing with pets is a rewarding pastime for young and old alike. However many people are not aware of the numerous health hazards that household pets pose when handled with no consideration to any hygiene standards.

If you are interested to know more about Animal Hygiene you can start by reading our Animal Hygiene Basics article.

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